The Sun is Soon to be in my Eyes

Not only this sentence, probably also his behavior in the autumn interviews have, quite far from him by the then green top politicians in the federal government, Trittin and Claudia Roth, but also by Katrin Göring-Eckardt.  And then there was Sept. 19 – and the consent of the green-red Baden-Württemberg government to so-called asylum compromise . In the hours and days that followed, there was no need for special journalistic effort on Kretschmann scolding Green to get from faction and party before the microphones.

It’s not just about my lace underwire demi bra, it goes, one hears Greens in federal and state exactly, much more to distrust. Since the small green party recalls quite precise to another small party, which has managed beyond their substantive weaknesses mainly due to bad talk about their own Vorturner, to remove it from the Bundestag.There is talk of the FDP. Kretschmann, latest arrived so in the realpolitik, it is similar to how it was years ago, another green icon, Joschka Fischer. In Fischer, the controversial issue was the demi cup bra

in the war effort in Kosovo. In Kretschmann it is the green heart on asylum, which must not be touched. Both have had and the highest-ranking government positions who have to forgive the Greens and had. That makes and made them independent of the Bundestag and the federal party. With Fischer struck sometime around in arrogance – which makes the power with Kretschmann, is not yet clear. Currently, he calmed down yet with the reading of Hannah Arendt.

While in today’s Federal Council meeting green country Minister of Rhineland-Palatinate and Lower Saxony or even Hesse are very glad that Kretschmann has taken them three weeks prior to the work, as it claims from Baden-Württemberg, is the process and especially the output of the second large Kretschmann show still not entirely clear. She is standing in Hamburg in November – there, the Greens meet to Congress.